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Loan Against Property

Loan Against Property bank will not charge any late payment charges during the moratorium period. However, it must be noted that the interest on your loan will continue to get accrued and you will end up paying more towards interest, thereby further increasing the total cost of your loan. Hence, it is recommended that you opt for loan moratorium only if you are facing a severe financial crunch.

A lot is going on in a person’s mind when he has to send his kids abroad for studies or maybe when he has to plan a wedding or needs funds to invest in his business. The first (and scary) thought is: “From where do I arrange all the money?” There are some creative ways to arrange these funds…like talking sweetly to your friends and relatives to convince them to lend you the money, but a better and self-sufficient way is to opt for a Loan Against (your) Property or Loan Against Property as it is popularly called.